Inn manager innovations

manager:Asako Onishi

Welcome to the Kyokoyado Yasaka Yutone website.
The Japanese name means small Japanese inn and it is true that we only have 7 rooms but we aim to provide accommodation where our guests can relax completely and we have put all our ingenuity into various particular details.
The Yasaka Tower (Hokanji Temple), Kodaiji Temple, Kiyomizudera Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Ninenzaka and Sanneizaka are located close to Yutone making it very convenient for a romantic Kyoto-style stroll.
Please come and enjoy the Kyoto atmosphere. We are very much looking forward to meeting you. Asako Onishi, Owner and Manager.

manager:Asako Onishi


In order to offer our guests authentic and delicious Kyoto cuisine, we have welcomed the up-and-coming chef, Mr Oshima, who specializes in traditional Kyoto-style restaurant cuisine. Savour our elegant cuisine using seasonal ingredients to create delicate but distinctive flavours.


Master chief Oshima

Innovations in the guest rooms

Windows are double-glazed to prevent condensation and for sound-proofing.
The refrigerator is a Peltier-type refrigerator which is not only silent but is also environmentally friendly.
Wireless LAN is available in all guest rooms.

Hot spring

All guest rooms have a Japanese Cypress bath. These baths have an antiseptic effect, a pleasant aroma and are effective in relieving fatigue. Guests can relax completely in these baths.

Hot spring

Sink / Toilet

Our lacquer sinks are custom-made. We have heard that when the people of the world think of China, they think of ceramics and when they think of Japan, they think of lacquer-ware.
We would like our international guests to experience the Japanese touch.
We have installed TOTO's latest Washlet (electric toilet) which has many convenient functions.As guests would have to stretch if we used the traditional hand-washing area over the toilet tanks, we have provided a separate area to wash hands in front of the toilet.


Bedding / Towels, etc.

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel (body soap) and body lotion are all L'Occitane Citrus Verbena. We also provide Shea Butter soap which can also be used as a facial wash.

L'Occitane Citrus Verbena


The guest room beds are Simmons Pocket Coil beds.
These are comfortable as they do not lose their firmness so we believe that guests will have a relaxing sleep.
Full combed thread is combed to remove short cotton fibres and to make long cotton fibres a uniform length.
It doesn't have much pile but has a sheen that gives a soft and smooth touch to the skin.
Bath towels, face towels and face cloths all have ultra-long fibres of soft and gentle Egyptian cotton.
Yukata (light Japanese kimono worn as a bath robe) have fine cords on the inside. This is so that the front does not open when you are sleeping.
We also provide bath robes so that you can relax even further after your bath.

bath robes

Egyptian cotton

And further…

We have many other innovations so that guests can relax even further but you will have to wait until your stay to find out about these… we are waiting to welcome you to our inn.